Wine Trios Tasting at Aquavit

What a beautiful night with such nice people. I love wine, I love it so much that I moved across the world to be closer to it. How many people have moved from the country they were born in because they were in love with someone? I moved because I love wine. However, what I love most about wine is the people. The people make the difference, and there is nothing like sitting with someone with a fine glass of wine that makes you relaxed and happy. I had one such experience at our Wine Workshop tasting at Aquavit, which featured fine wines with great people. This wine tasting was called “Wine Trios” because each flight was a trio of similar wines to compare.

Champagne Trio

We started the evening with a flight of Champagne - and what’s better than starting with Champagne?! Comte, Cristal, and Dom 2008. My favorite was Comte for this flight, as it was clean and fresh. But when I tried the first course, my taste shifted to Dom, because the slightly oxidized character fit so well with the uni dish we were served, and they started dancing together in my mind and on my palate!

Burgundy Trio

The Ponsot, Lignier and Dujac trio came next. Dujac was commanding all the attention but my favorite for this flight was Lignier because it paired so well with the perfectly cooked duck and black currant. To be honest, every wine in this flight was great, it's hard to pick just one.

Bordeaux Trio

Next, we moved on to Cheval Blanc, ‘85, ‘83 and ‘82. Although it may sound cliche to say, the '82 was singing. '83 was my least favorite but it, too, rose to the challenge and paired best with the lamb and radish.

California Trio

California was the theme of the next flight and Diamond Creek Red Rock Terrace 1978 was my favorite. It was served alongside the Diamond Creek Gravelly Meadow 1975, Diamond Creek Volcanic Hill 1978, and Monte Bello 1978. Volcanic Hill was the best pairing with the beef and peppercorn. I had high expectations for the Monte Bello since I am a big fan of their wines from the 70s but unfortunately, it was corked.

Riesling Trio

Finally, we enjoyed a flight of J.J. Prüm that was absolutely mind blowing. We poured three expressions of Prüm from the same vineyard, year, and winemaker, but they were absolutely different wines. Prüm Auslese 2001 was fresh and bright, Prüm Auslese Gold Kap 2001 was like your first kiss, innocent and pure, and Prüm Auslese Gold Kap Auction Addition 2001 was a deep gold color, with tropical fruits. It was difficult to pick between the three. This was my first Auction Riesling, and now I understand why auction additions are so special – it was a wonderful wine, and really something! These wines arrived with our cheese course, but I don't love aged cheeses (sorry!), so I enjoyed them on their own.

As I always say, a proper dinner must finish with a digestive. Aquavit is the perfect restaurant for that, and we ended the evening with a homemade horseradish aquavit. I had wished for raw oysters to enjoy with it – maybe that will be a nice rainy day pairing to save for another time.


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Ebru Can

Ebru entered the wine industry at the age of seventeen when she chose to study Wine Production Technology and Viticulture at Namik Kemal University in her native country of Turkey. While studying wine production, she also worked in the Marketing Department of Mania Gurme, the second largest wine import company in Istanbul, and as a Trade Marketing and Training Specialist for Sevilen Winery based in Izmir, Turkey. After moving to New York in 2012, Ebru worked as a sommelier at Pierre Loti Wine Bar, Aldo Sohm Wine Bar, Brushstroke (David Bouley) and most recently at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon as their Head Sommelier. After spending nearly four years at L’Atelier, Ebru joined Acker as Wine Workshop’s Event Manager, bringing unique wine tasting experiences to New York’s wine-loving community, one bottle at a time. Ebru has earned her Sommelier Certificate with the Sommelier Society of America and the Court of Master Sommeliers, and also holds an Advanced Certificate from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust.

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