Spirits & Treats
to Beat the Heat



It has been hot where I have been over the past month and I have not had the time to really sit and think about culinaria, as I have been busy shuffling from airport to airport. However, my terminal snacking habits changed in this heat. I wish I could pair some boutique ice cream with drinks and trust me I will. However, this month I am tied to what frozen treats I can find on the road, and my childhood came rushing back. Here are a few pairings that will alleviate this heat, maybe just a little.

Drumsticks & Willett Pot Still Reserve

Peanuts, wafer cone, and vanilla come together in this treat, but almost mimic the notes found in Bourbon, specifically Willet. These two shadow each other like a well rehearsed dance routine.

Chipwich & Glenmorangie Signet

The baked notes of the cookie line up near perfectly with the malt forward character of the Scotch. Gentle cask influence in the whisky is highlighted by vanilla ice cream and, frankly, chocolate chips simply make everything better.

Bomb Pop & Yamazaki 12 Year Old

The most patriotic of all treats, packed with softer flavors and saccharine sweet, this refresher actually rises to fruity glory when paired with Yamazaki 12 year old. The soft tropical notes of the malt play together and dazzle with a sugary kick.

Twix Ice Cream bar & Mortlach 21 year old

Caramel, chocolate, and what the Brits refer to as a biscuit note are an ideal match for a heavy bodied Speysider, in this case, the Mortlach. At 21 years old there is a wonderful caramel note and shaved coconut in the Scotch, and when all mixed up everything is elevated.


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